Frederick County Soccer Club

Mission Statement
To provide the Frederick County and surrounding area youth soccer players with a culture that develops character, confidence, sportsmanship, core values, and leadership skills that will lead to excellence both on the soccer field and in life.
At Frederick County Soccer Club, we have come together from various clubs and backgrounds, but all with one common vision: We believe player development and well-being is more important than wins and losses. We believe soccer can be learned through hard work while also having fun and making friends. We believe that character, values, sportsmanship, and fair play are paramount to all else.
Club Values
FCSC was founded on Core Values that serve as its foundation

Hard Work
Self Control

We accomplish all this by:

* Establishing a culture where our clubs core values are the foundation and guiding principles of everything we do:

- In our message
- In our actions
- In our ourselves
- In our players
- In our families
- In our club

* Developing excellence over winning while never ignoring our core values and principles

* Focusing on long-term player development, as opposed to short-term results/success

* Always putting the best interest of the player above all else

* Providing the opportunity to participate in a soccer experience where players can develop self-esteem, confidence, character, all while having fun

* Believing in the potential of all soccer players

* Developing motivated, hard working players, who strive to be the best they can be, and who recognize the value and rewards of their hard work and effort

* Creating an environment for all players that allows them to play with creativity and joy and to express themselves

* Providing leadership, high quality coaching, and instruction with an emphasis on life skills, fundamentals, strategy, good health, and fun, and where the development of the player is more than just soccer, providing them with skills that will enable them to be successful in all aspects of their lives

* Ensure all adults associated with the program strive to be exemplary role models for the players by exhibiting leadership, sportsmanship, and principles of fair play

* Ensuring the coaching staff are provided with opportunities to continue their coaching development

* Providing the best quality soccer programs while making them as affordable as possible for families

At Frederick County Soccer Club, our ultimate goal is, at the end of their soccer journey with us, to have developed players that are prepared to tackle their futures both on and off the field.